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Create Your Own White-Label AI Toolkit For Your SaaS

Turn your favorite ChatGPT prompts & convos into tools you can monetize in minutes. Join 3,000+ entrepreneurs & GHL SaaS owners building AI tools with ZERO code!
Easily embed & integrate with your workflow

Design Versatile Generative AI Tools for Your SaaS

Build your custom AI-suite of AI tools
Build an generative suite of AI tools (like Jasper.AI) that writes your copy, scripts, emails, and more for your clients. Make it industry specific and get the AI responses you need in your brand voice. Embed & iFrame anywhere.
Prompt chain your ChatGPT convos
Chain together your favorite ChatGPT prompts and automate your workflows in just a few inputs from your end users. Deliver done for you powerful AI solutions. We call it "assisting" your client as he dunks the ball AI-style!
Create dynamic individualized lead magnets
Create and embed dynamic lead gen forms on landing pages that generate an AI response upon submission. Integrate with your favorite marketing tools to enhance visitor experience. Send input data and AI responses to any webhook!
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Only pay for what you need. Upgrade as you grow. Get a 7 day free trial. Scale up as your use case increases.
Creator plan
Experiment and unleash your creativity with our entry level plan.
UNLIMITED tools, forms, & widgets
1,500 Live AI responses
1 toolset
White label & embed tools anywhere
URL redirects & theme customizer
Multiple GPT AI engines
Domain embedding controls
Access to marketplace templates
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Pro plan
Everything in creator plan + more customizability & more.
Everything in creator plan +
UNLIMITED responses
(OpenAI API key required)
10 toolsets
Webhook & API integrations
GPT-4 & GPT-3.5 16K access
Prompt chaining workflows
Connect different OpenAI API keys per toolset
Connect data sources (2mb size)
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Agency plan
Everything in our pro plan + features for volume & robustness.
Everything in pro plan +
UNLIMITED toolsets
10 Collaborator accounts
"Best Of" GPT enterprise setting
End user data uploads
White label URLs (coming soon)
Web URL scraping (coming soon)
Early access to beta features
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Over 3,000+
(and growing) marketers trust FormWise.AI

We're democratizing access to AI engines and use cases to marketers & non-technical users. You in?
Used by 100s of GHL agencies
3000+ marketers use FormWise.AI
“I love using FormWise and woo-ing my clients! I love how it's put AI back in the hands of marketers!”
Ali Ghasemirad
Marketer, MarketingByAli
“We've built an AI PPC internal tool for our team that follows our proprietary copy strategy.”
Judy Munroe
Agency Owner, UpwardGo
“I am able to chain together multiple ChatGPT prompts I regularly use into one tool!”
Byron Campos
Marketing Manager, Mohawk Industries

Point and click tool builder

Unlimited tools at all levels
We don't limit you. Build as many tools as you like. Embed them anywhere. Create the tools in any language as well! 🌎
Multiple GPT engines available
We're always adding new engines as they become available. Enjoy the latest GPT-4 & GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K for max creativity.
40+ Templates to get started
Plug & play templates ready for you to customize and use immediately.
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Gather your tools into an embeddable Toolset

Gather your apps into one Toolset. Tailored with white labelling and embedding permissions, you can create your first suite of monetizable AI tools in minutes. Plus, with full mobile responsiveness, your tools will shine on any device.

Style your tools to fit your brand

Fully customize your app's theme to mirror your brand's aesthetics. Whether it's the colors, backgrounds, or white labelling, tweak it all to create an app that's unmistakably you. Because your app should be as unique as your vision.

Upload your data, enhance your tools

Give each prompt its own unique data sources for contextually accurate responses. Create with precision, customizing your AI tool to match your vision. Get ready for a whole new level of convenience and efficiency.

Chain together unlimited prompts

Create advanced workflows by weaving previous AI generations into subsequent prompts, chaining individual prompts into a single powerful app.

Add the power of FormWise toany platform

Process your data across any platform with our API, ensuring a native and seamless integration. With FormWise, you're not just adopting another tool, you're enhancing your entire platform.
Google Forms
GHL Forms
Microsoft Forms
Using something else? Check out our API.
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Create more  AI tools with zero code

Chad, Real Estate Marketing Agency Owner
Add a new revenue stream by monetizing your proprietary GPT prompts in one place!
“We've built an AI PPC internal tool for our team that follows our proprietary copy strategy.”
Mike, Grapevine Marketing
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100% White labeled
Add AI to your website or SaaS
Chain together multiple prompts in one place
Create unique lead magnets with individualized outputs
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