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Turn your favorite ChatGPT prompts & convos into tools you can monetize.

Add AI to your website with no code in minutes.

Join 2,500+ marketers, AI enthusiasts, & entrepreneurs building AI tools in a few clicks for any use cases!

So what all can you build?

Create tools that chain your ChatGPT prompts & conversations, write emails, website copy, answer questions, content, books, articles, ideas, analyze form data, and so much more! Here's some examples from our growing community and template marketplace!

Create your own branded copywriting AI toolsets

Build an generative AI tool (like Jasper.AI) that writes your copy, scripts, emails, and more for your clients. Make it industry specific and get the AI responses you need in your brand voice.
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Embed AI quizzes & lead magnets for lead gen

Create and embed dynamic lead gen forms on landing pages that generate an AI response upon submission. Integrate with your favorite marketing tools to enhance visitor experience.
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Prompt chain your favorite ChatGPT conversations

Deploy and monetize your favorite prompts into AI tools for any use case. Our feature rich platform allows you to take full advantage of the latest AI technology.
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“I am able to chain together multiple ChatGPT prompts I regularly use into one tool!”


“FormWise has allowed me to create bespoke tools for my marketing clients!”


“Now I don't have to spend days coming up with a proof of concept MVP, I use (FormWise) to quickly validate my ideas.”


“I've replaced Jasper.AI and a plethora of AI tools with FormWise for my clients!”


“We've built an AI PPC internal tool for our team that follows our proprietary copy strategy.”


“I love using FormWise and woo-ing my clients! I love how it's put AI back in the hands of marketers!”

40+ AI tools templates

Inside of your dashboard, you'll have access to our free GPT engineering course, tutorials, documentation, help docs, and of course support! Strapped for time? We have done the heavy lifting for you by creating professionally-designed AI tempates!👇
AI Personality

Travel Planner

Let AI plan your next trip! Complete with a detailed itinerary and your interests.
AI Personality


Need help planning your next marketing campaign? Look no further. Our digital marketing AI personality can help.
AI Personality

Personal Chef

Build and design delicious recipes based on ingredients you have with this personal chef AI personality.
AI Personality

Fitness Coach

Your very own personal fitness trainer. Plan your next workout regimen using this personality.
Free course inside!

GPT Engineering For Marketers 🎓

This introductory course covers all of the basics into the world of GPT prompt engineering & building your first AI tool for your use case in just a few clicks!
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Simple pricing

Start with a 7-day trial of any plan and scale up as your use case increases. Build in minutes and deploy!
Lite plan - 100 Responses

$9 USD

/ Month
Experiment and unleash your creativity.
Unlimited tools, forms, & widgets
Embed tools anywhere
Custom URL redirects
GPT-3.5 Turbo Access
Access to prompt marketplace
Unlimited test responses
Free GPT engineering course
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Start with lite and scale up as your use case increases.

Creator plan - 1,500 Responses

$29 USD

/ Month
Everything in lite plan +
1,500 AI responses
No FormWise branding
Webhook & API integrations
Multi-Step forms (coming soon)
GPT-3 DaVinci access
OpenAI playgound settings
Domain embedding controls
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Perfect your multiple clients, brands, and use cases.

Pro plan - Unlimited Responses

$99 USD

/ Month
Everything in creator plan +
Unlimited responses
OpenAI API key required
2 Collaborator accounts
Team workspaces
Domain embedding controls
Prompt chaining workflows
GPT-4 Access
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Maximize the AI responses & generations. Perfect for volume.

Integrate anywhere.

Embed anywhere & integrate directly into your marketing & sales stack!
Unleash your creativity

Our forms have an endless amount of potential use cases

Turn your favorite GPT prompts into monetizable AI tools. Send the AI responses to an email, webhook, or show on submission. Our roadmap features also include logic and multi-step prompt chaining. Create complex workflows with multiple prompts with ease.
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Use your favorite GPT prompts

Robust features built for creativity

The limits of AI are truly endless and they are only getting better. Tap into the power of OpenAI's language models. Embed our tools anywhere with no branding and full embedding control. Full functionality, no code. Use pre-built components and templates to build anything you want.

Powered By OpenAI

We use the world's most powerful artificial intelligence language models & technology.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Build quickly and launch with FormWise

Do I need an OpenAI API key?

Nope, no API key needed for the lite or creator plans. You can plug in your own to avoid rate limiting on the pro and above plans.

Can I customize my prompt?

Yes, you have access to the prompt builder + OpenAI playground tool settings for maximum customization.

Can I embed my forms & generators anywhere?

Yes, you can embed anywhere... like a YouTube video!

Start your free trial today & start building.

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