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Quick and easy setup, no code, launch in minutes. Build incredible lead magnets, micro offers, and A.I.-ify your value ladder and products - 100% white labeled.
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"I sold $200k worth of digital products by integrating FormWise tools in my course"
- Jon Schumacher
"FormWise is a simple way to add value to your end users and create micro offers" - Matt Deseno
"This freaking tool is awesome, I use it to generate leads, everyone is crazy about A.I."- Jeff Vandesal
"I use FormWise to white label ChatGPT's power for my students & clients!" - Bridget Bartlett

Use cases:

Imagine this: in just MINUTES, you could be delivering UNLIMITED AI tools, perfectly tailored to your customers' every whim. Embeddable anywhere... and the best part?It's 100% white labeled!

Our savvy FormWise users are out there every day pioneering industry-specific use cases that are nothing short of genius:
White Labeling ChatGPT for their brand, industry, or niche. Yep, make it your own!
AI-powered dynamic lead magnets that practically scream, “Use me!” for their client's business.
AI-ify their courses and turning static digital products into recurring ones.
Brand-specific tools for their clients that are so sticky, they'll never want to leave.

Unify Your AI Tools With Toolsets

Create a white labelled suite of your tools, ready to embed on any website or portal, powered by your end users' API keys. Add icons, data, and more to build your own A.I. toolkit.
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The easiest and quickest way to monetize A.I.

Unlimited tools at all levels
We don't limit you. Build as many tools as you like. Embed them anywhere. Create the tools in any language as well! 🌎
Multiple GPT engines available
140+ Templates to get started
Plug & play templates ready for you to customize and use immediately. Find templates for your industry or your use case.
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Easily iFrame & Embed Within Any Portal Or CRM

It's the easiest way to "AI"-ify your business

FormWise is truly the easiest way to white label custom GPTs, chat tools, and single use tools in minutes.
Features included :
100% customizable, no code builder
White labeling features
Bring your own API key & rebilling
Theme builder + CSS
Integrates with Stripe for reselling
Embedding + iFrame anywhere
Add data (PDFs, CSV, URLs)
Native GHL integration + webhooks
FB Group + weekly live training
Build UNLIMITED tools
Other A.I. Platforms
Features included :
Not customizable
No whitelabel
A.I. credits / tokens mark up
Unstable / ugly U.I
No iFraming or embedding
No data sources or training the GPTs
No prompt chaining
No webhooks or integrations
Crappy support and resources

Just what can you build
with FormWise?
Here's an example!

Build niche specific AI powered toolkits
Build a generative suite of AI tools (like Jasper.AI) that writes your copy, scripts, emails, and more for your clients. Make it industry/client specific and get the AI responses you need in your brand voice. Embed & iFrame anywhere.
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Build your own "GPT"
Give your ChatBot copilot a name, your branding, custom instructions, data, prompts, and more! Build it in literally minutes and start embedding it within your portal, courses, and CRMs!
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Build dynamic lead magnets for your business
Create and embed dynamic lead gen forms on landing pages that generate an AI response upon submission. Integrate with your favorite marketing tools to enhance visitor experience. Send input data and AI responses to any webhook / Zapier / HighLevel.
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Andrew Hagan, ZappChat Founder

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See the potential with FormWise. We're the easiest no code way to build AI tools with your proprietary prompts & data that you can deliver to your clients to increase revenue, retention, and engagement.
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Over 4,000+
(and growing) marketers trust FormWise.AI

We're democratizing access to AI engines and use cases to marketers & non-technical users. You in?
Used by 100s of GHL agencies
4000+ marketers use FormWise.AI
Molly Mahoney, AI Coach & Expert
Chad, Real Estate Marketing Agency Owner
Casey O'Toole, Linkedin Coach
Add a new revenue stream by monetizing your proprietary GPT prompts in one place!
“We've built an AI PPC internal tool for our team that follows our proprietary copy strategy.”
Mike, Grapevine Marketing
“We've built an AI PPC internal tool for our team that follows our proprietary copy strategy.”
Judy Munroe
Agency Owner, UpwardGo
"FormWise helps us onboard clients quicker!"
Byron Campos
Marketing Manager, Mohawk Industries
"FormWise is an exciting new way to generate lead magnets for your clients!"
Matt Deseno
CEO, HLPro Tools

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