AI for Coaches

Automate Your Coaching Frameworks: Transform your standard coaching prompts into dynamic, AI-enhanced versions that take one response into the next AI prompt automatically using prompt chaining.

Design "Perfect" Internal Tools: Input your coaching goals and frameworks, and let AI deliver tailor-made responses that perfectly align with your coaching strategy.

Build Powerful AI Lead Magnets: Gamify and generate leads by building an AI tool that follows a specific rubric prompt.

Create The Ultimate Content Marketing Tools: Effortlessly generate a wealth of coaching materials and exercises with the ease of prompt chaining by creating AI powered tools that repurpose your existing content and more.

Customized Coaching Experience: Create AI-powered tools that cater to the unique needs and progress pace of each client. Add AI to your courses, portals, digital products and more! Gate your tools anywhere.
"I get to build industry and use case specific users both for my clients and my internal team! This is the future of building with AI."
Ali Ghasemirad
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No Code AI Coaching Tools - The Guide To Using FormWise For Your Coaching Business!

As a coach, you're dedicated to guiding your clients towards their fullest potential, whether in wellness, business, or any coaching niche in between. With FormWise, you can take your coaching practice to the next level, leveraging the power of AI to not only enhance your offerings but also to set your business apart in a crowded market. The beautiful part? You can embed these tools anywhere and design them to fit your brand. You can embed them where you're already delivering your courses or services like your Portal, Kajabi, HighLevel, UpCoach, and so much more! You control the gating and the experience in how your end users interact with the tools you've built.

Here’s a quick guide on how FormWise can transform your coaching business by embracing AI and elevating the experience your clients have with your coaching program and services!

Generate More Leads (For You or Your Clients)

Custom AI Tools: Create interactive, AI-driven quizzes, assessments, and tools that engage potential clients the moment they visit your website. These tools not only showcase your innovative approach but also provide immediate value, capturing leads with personalized insights. How? It's simple, a FormWise tool can easily be created that follows your GPT rubric prompt to grade the inputs and provide a result!

Dynamic Lead Magnets: Use AI to craft compelling content and resources that resonate with your target audience, making it irresistible for them to sign up and learn more. For example, create a "Meal Planner" tool with your custom recipes, teaching framework, and more. Easily webhook both the form entries and AI responses to your CRM to deliver the custom response. We call these "personalized" dynamic lead magnets.

Retain Clients

Personalized Coaching AI Tools Per Client: Create bespoke AI solutions for every client, ensuring a custom-fit coaching experience like no other. By giving your clients access to tailored-made AI tools you deliver, you empower them with resources uniquely suited to their goals and challenges.

Tribe Tool Engagement Boosters: Enhance your coaching community and audience's experience with Custom Tribe Tools, your flagship AI tool from FormWise. Implement AI-generated prompts and exercises tailored to your unique community, keeping your clients engaged and motivated between sessions. This approach not only reduces churn but also cultivates a loyal and thriving client base that loves and values your personalized touch.

Position Your Business to Stand Alone

Become The "AI" Authority In Your Space: By integrating AI into your coaching practice, you position yourself as a forward-thinking leader in your field, appealing to clients looking for coaches who employ the latest technologies and methodologies.

Exclusive AI Tools Accessible Through You Only: Provide your clients with unparalleled, proprietary AI tools and solutions specifically designed to meet their unique challenges and goals. Secure your intellectual property / IP by offering these exclusive tools only through your coaching practice, ensuring your clients receive a value they can't find elsewhere. No more giving your clients spreadsheets of prompts! Control the end to end experience your clients have with your business.

AI-ify Your Business with FormWise

No Coding Required: You don't need to be a tech expert to bring the benefits of AI to your clients. FormWise offers an intuitive platform that lets you create and implement AI tools effortlessly. We offer weekly training, tutorials, 140+ AI templates to choose and customize from, and an awesome community of creative entrepreneurs!

Flexible Plans: Whether you're an independent coach or part of a larger organization, FormWise has subscription plans designed to fit your unique needs and scale with your business. Start for as little as $29/mo, heck even start for free! Every plan has a 7-day free trial.

By choosing FormWise, you're not just adopting new technology; you're embracing a partner that will empower you to innovate, stand out, and achieve greater success. Start AI-ifying your coaching business today and lead the way in creating transformative coaching experiences that deliver results, retain clients, and attract new leads. Welcome to the future of coaching with FormWise. We're committed in democratizing access AI to everyone and building a platform that is ever updating with features designed to help you operationalize and monetize AI.
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