AI for Marketing Agencies

Design "Perfect" Internal Tools: Input your Agency services and frameworks, and let AI deliver tailor-made responses that perfectly align with your fulfimment scope.

Build Powerful AI Lead Magnets: Gamify and generate leads by building an AI tool that follows a specific rubric prompt.

Create The Ultimate Internal Marketing Tools: Operationalize your team's favorite prompts and prompt chains into one powerful internal AI toolkit for quicker fulfillment.

Customized Agency Experience: Become the AI authority in your cleint's eyes by delivering bespoke AI tools that are brand rule specific and powerful.
"I get to build industry and use case specific users both for my clients and my internal team! This is the future of building with AI."
Ali Ghasemirad
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No Code AI Marketing Tools - The Guide To Using FormWise For Your Marketing Agency

As an agency owner, you're committed to propelling your clients' businesses to their peak performance, across sectors such as marketing, digital presence, or any specialized field you serve. You're at the forefront of transforming businesses through your expertise and services. With the advent of AI, every aspect of what we do has been AI-ified, from customer interactions and content creation to data analysis and strategic planning. Now, it's time to harness this technological evolution to your advantage. AI has revolutionized the way we operate, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency, personalization, and innovation. By integrating FormWise into your operations, you're not just adopting AI—you're putting it to work for you, regaining control and steering its power towards achieving your agency's goals and those of your clients.

FormWise empowers you to elevate your agency's offerings by harnessing the power of AI, distinguishing your services in a competitive landscape. The advantage? These AI tools can be seamlessly integrated anywhere, tailored specifically to your agency's branding. Deploy them across various platforms where you already offer your services, such as your client portals, Kajabi, HighLevel, UpCoach, and beyond. You have full control over access and the user experience, enabling you to customize how your clients interact with these innovative tools. Here’s a quick guide on how FormWise can transform your marketing agency business by embracing AI and elevating the experience your clients have with your agency services!

Generate More Leads (For You or Your Clients)

Custom AI Quiz Tools: Create interactive, AI-driven quizzes, assessments, and tools that engage potential clients the moment they visit your client's website. These tools not only showcase your innovative approach but also provide immediate value, capturing leads with personalized insights. How? It's simple, a FormWise tool can easily be created that follows your GPT rubric prompt to grade the inputs and provide a result!

Dynamic Lead Magnets: Develop AI-driven quizzes, assessments, and interactive tools that engage potential clients from the first interaction. Create content that captivates and converts, using FormWise to grade inputs and deliver personalized results, seamlessly integrated with your CRM. For example, create a "Workout Planner" tool with your fitness client's custom workouts, teaching framework, and more. Easily webhook both the form entries and AI responses to your CRM to deliver the custom response. We call these "personalized" dynamic lead magnets!

Retain Clients With Brand Specific Tools

Personalized Agency AI Tools Per Client: Offer your clients custom AI solutions that resonate with their target audience, enhancing engagement and loyalty. By providing exclusive access to these tools, you demonstrate value and innovation, fostering long-term relationships.

Position Your Business to Stand Alone

Become The "AI" Authority In Your Industry / Niche: Position your agency as the go-to expert in AI-powered marketing, offering proprietary tools and strategies that clients cannot find elsewhere. Protect your intellectual property while delivering unique value and experiences.

Exclusive AI Tools Accessible Through Your Agency Only: Provide your clients with unparalleled, proprietary AI tools and solutions specifically designed to meet their unique challenges and goals. Secure your intellectual property / IP by offering these exclusive tools only through your agency services, ensuring your clients receive a value they can't find elsewhere. No more giving your clients spreadsheets of prompts! Control the end to end experience your clients have with your agency.

AI-ify Your Business with FormWise

No Coding Required: You don't need to be a tech expert to bring the benefits of AI to your clients. FormWise offers an intuitive platform that lets you create and implement AI tools effortlessly. We offer weekly training, tutorials, 140+ AI templates to choose and customize from, and an awesome community of creative entrepreneurs!

Flexible Plans: Whether you're an independent freelance marketer or an established marketing agency owner, FormWise has subscription plans designed to fit your unique needs and scale with your business. Start for as little as $29/mo, heck even start for free! Every plan has a 7-day free trial.

Embrace FormWise to AI-ify your marketing agency, leveraging our intuitive platform, extensive training, and a vibrant community of innovators. With flexible plans and a commitment to democratizing AI, FormWise is your partner in transforming marketing services and achieving unparalleled success. Start today and shape the future of digital marketing with AI.
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