How Gate & MONETIZE Your FormWise AI Tools [Case Study Inside]

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Hey there, savvy creator! Ready to turn those AI prompts into a cash flow that's as smooth as a summer breeze?

Well, you've struck gold with FormWise! It's like having your own AI home depot that not only has the tools to build but also fills your pockets. (hopefully) So, buckle up, because we're diving into the world of moolah-making with a touch of tech magic. Control over who gains access to your embedded AI tools is pivotal. Employing access gates ensures that your intellectual property remains accessible only to those who possess the appropriate permissions. This exclusivity can be effectively managed by implementing membership or subscription models with a platform that is easy to implement. In this blog, we'll go over some strategies to monetize and some ways to gate your FormWise creations!

Monetization Strategies

Picture this: you're flexing your AI genius on your website or in your online course. Everyone's loving it, but you've got that burning question: "How can I turn this into some serious dough?" Enter FormWise, your trusty sidekick that transforms those AI prompts into widgets that pay the bills. We're talking the no-code jackpot for monetizing AI prompts, even if coding isn't your thing. Slide those widgets into places like WordPress with the GravityForms Stripe Add-On, Notion, or MemberPress, and watch the cash register do its thing! With FormWise.AI's embedding features, you can seamlessly embed these tools into platforms like Squarespace, Notion, Wix, Webflow, Kajabi, and WordPress. The process is remarkably straightforward. Monetizing your content is equally uncomplicated. It involves adjusting settings within your chosen platforms or opting for a streamlined no-code third-party solution such as MemberSpace. We will cover some of our favorites we've handpicked from the community below.

Some of the most common pricing / monetization positioning strategies include the following:

  • Dynamic Individualized Lead Magnets You Embed On Client's Websites
  • Powerful Internal Tools Enhanced By Data
  • Building A MicroSaaS Toolset For A Niche

Gate Your FormWise Tools Using MemberPress + WordPress

Ever heard of MemberPress? It's freaking awesome WordPress plugin. With MemberPress, you can create those cool "member-only" zones where people pay to play. Imagine folks knocking on your virtual door, eager to cough up the cash for exclusive access to your AI-powered goodies. And guess what? The process is smoother than a dance move. No-code? No problem! It's so simple, even your grandma could set it up. Picture this: a virtual velvet rope that only lets paying members through. That's Member Areas for you. You're in control—set your price, choose your payment style (one-time or subscription), and watch the memberships roll in. It's like being the boss of the coolest AI nightclub in town. They have a number of payment gateways. We recommend Stripe, but if you already have a Stripe account, option #2 below may be a better fit!

Use WordPress + GravityForms Stripe Add-On: MicroSaaS

With the power of WordPress and the GravityForms Stripe Add-On, you've got the ultimate duo for cash flow AND subscription control. Gate or give access to certain pages where your FormWise toolsets work their magic as soon as someone checks out or signs up. It's like having a velvet rope for your online content. The nifty thing about GravityForms Stripe Add On is that it will revoke access to your gated content if their card fails or they cancel their subscription. It's automated. Just the way we like it!

Use HighLevel: Enhance Your SaaS

If you aren't already familiar with HighLevel the you're seriously missing out on one of the most powerful marketing automation ecosystems on the planet. We have thousands of users who use that platform to deliver incredible experience to their end users. They offer a white label SaaS mode capability to resell their platform to your audience and small businesses. With HighLevel, you can easily embed / iFrame a FormWise toolset as a custom menu link to give access to your users. We have a great relationship with the HighLevel leadership team and we've seen first hand how our product can enhance and make your HighLevel instance more robust and unique to stand out from the crowd of other resellers. Check out our HighLevel integrations section in our knowledgebase to learn more on how FormWise can enhance the platform and you can monetize your AI tools.

Gate With Squarespace Memberships

Squarespace stands tall as a leading website builder in the digital realm. What's more, it boasts built-in mechanisms to institute paywalls seamlessly. With a range of plans catering to diverse business needs, Squarespace offers a comprehensive toolkit. Dive in with a 14-day trial to acquaint yourself with its interface and functionality. Building your website without coding is well within reach. Leverage a repertoire of templates and resources tailored to bolster your business endeavors. Integrating your FormWise tools is as effortless as copying and pasting code snippets. To incorporate your FormWise tools within your Squarespace site, employ direct embedding. If you seek guidance on integrating AI functionalities, a step-by-step walkthrough is at your disposal here. The path to monetization involves a strategic move. Create a dedicated Member Area on your website to house your FormWise tools. This deliberate step ensures your audience gains access to the kick-ass AI tools you're offering.

USE CASE STUDY: Meet Chad: The FormWise Magician That Turns Prompts Into Tools

We had a great conversation with Chad, a marketer and agency owner. He's a beast at turning prompts into tools. One of his toolsets includes over 400+ proprietary prompts he gives his audiences and end users access too! He's got this genius trick he calls "productizing your genius." Translation: He's using FormWise to turn his industry expertise into AI tools that folks can't resist. From lead generation widgets to bespoke industry specific AI tools. Chad's on fire. His virtual toolbox of AI content generators is raking in the dough, even when he's off sipping margaritas by the beach.

Payment Gateway We Recommend Is Stripe

Ready to take your AI wizardry to the bank? Let's dive in! Now, how do you get your mitts on that sweet, sweet cash? Say hello to Stripe, the trusted SaaS payment gateway of the digital age. It's like having your own online cash register, but cooler. From small biz to big shots, everyone's using Stripe. And the best part? It's as user-friendly as your grandma's secret apple pie recipe. Setting up Stripe is a piece of cake. Hop over to their website, sign up, and you're in business. Create custom payment links, set prices, and even whip up discounts like a pro chef. It's your one-stop shop for payments, and it's smoother than a silk robe. We use Stripe for FormWise and they are awesome partners for subscription products! They are very familiar with SaaS business models and can provide resources and guidance for setting up a proper TOS to avoid any chargebacks / disputes etc.

Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all

The era of monetizing your AI tools has never been more accessible or streamlined. With the arsenal of gating techniques and user-friendly platforms at your disposal, you wield the power of AI and your expertise to fashion remarkable digital experiences. FormWise's embeddable white-label AI tools serve as your allies in this journey. These ingenious tools transform your digital offerings into exclusive gems, accessible through strategic gateways. Embrace this opportunity to place the reins of innovation back into your hands, sculpting unparalleled encounters for your end users. So, there you have it—a money-making journey powered by FormWise, sprinkled with a touch of magic and a whole lot of hustle. Your AI prompts are no longer just cool tools; they're your golden ticket to financial freedom. Get ready to dance your way to the bank, because with FormWise, your wallet's about to get a whole lot heavier! 🎉💰

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