A Guide to Seamless Integration with FormWise.AI and GoHighLevel

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to seamlessly integrate your GoHighLevel agency plan with FormWise.AI, revolutionizing your approach to AI tool deployment. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effortlessly connect your agency API, deploy personalized toolsets to subaccounts, and provide each subaccount with its dedicated usage history. Let's dive into the details.

Step 1: Connect Your Agency API to FormWise.AI

Begin your journey by connecting your agency API to FormWise.AI. This crucial step lays the foundation for integrating GoHighLevel with FormWise.AI, opening the door to a world of personalized AI experiences. Go to your integration settings in FormWise.AI to input this HighLevel Agency API key. You can find your HighLevel API key via your agency settings level at the company setting tab.

Step 2: Load In Your Subaccounts and Choose Toolsets

Once your agency API is seamlessly connected, it's time to customize the experience for your subaccounts. FormWise.AI allows you to choose specific toolsets for each subaccount, tailoring the AI toolkit to their unique needs. This step not only enhances user experience but also streamlines your agency's workflow by centralizing all toolsets in one convenient portal. It can take a few minutes depending how many subaccounts you have. Once the import process has completed, you will be able to manage each sub-account's Toolset from Formwise, or require the sub-account to enter their own API key.

Step 3: Go To HighLevel & Add Custom iFrame Menu Link

Next up, you need to add our iframe menu link. This ensures that your chosen toolsets open in an iFrame for all your accounts, providing a cohesive and integrated experience. You paste one link for all your subaccounts but you can control what each subaccount sees in your HighLevel portal inside of FormWise. The link you'll want to add is: https://app.formwise.ai/dashboard/?ghl_location={{location.id}}

Step 4: Provide Customization Options

In the customization phase, FormWise.AI allows you to decide whether subaccounts need to enter their OpenAI API key. This level of flexibility ensures that your AI toolkits align precisely with the requirements of each unique subaccount, offering a tailored and user-friendly experience. Each subaccount also gets their own dedicated subaccount history for all the tools you provide them in their toolset they see.

API Key Interactions

When a sub-account's API key is present, Formwise will automatically use that API key, whether it is required or not.

Require OpenAI Key

Requiring an OpenAI Key will prompt the sub-account user to enter their API key upon first viewing your Toolset. Once the API key is stored, the user will not be required to enter it again, unless you remove the key manually from your GHL Portal.


By the end of this guide, you'll have transformed your GoHighLevel agency plan into a powerhouse of personalized AI experiences. Your subaccounts will enjoy dedicated toolsets, individual usage histories, and a seamless integration with FormWise.AI. Empower your agency to deliver unparalleled AI solutions by following these straightforward steps. It's time to elevate your approach to AI tool deployment and provide your clients with a unique and tailored experience. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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